"Interactive art is a form of art that involves the spectator in a way that allows the art to achieve its purpose."

“Co-Interaction” is an Art group dedicated to the implementation of Hi-tech assisted artistic projects.

Members: Svetoslav Kosev, Atanas Markov, Simeon Jelev


Svetoslav Kosev, Atanas Markov


The aim of the Interactive Generative Formations Project is to establish a dialog between the viewer and the artwork. It provides a virtual scene where the viewer appears on a display as a silhouette shaped by a web of multiple lines and is able to manipulate the artwork. The lines are connected through an algorithm which makes the artwork not only interactive, but also generative (hence the name of the project). The virtual space contains a web of points, which have definite physical attributes and are scattered using a pseudo random principle. The points are also connected between themselves by the same algorithm as the viewer's silhouette, producing a definite graphic effect. There are small points, which have gravity and fall down, but they can also interact when colliding with the viewer's silhouette or with themselves. And there are bigger, colored "balls", which also participate in the virtual scene with their own physical properties. The aim of these balls is to inspire the viewer into action and to involve him/her in the virtual space by introducing a game element.