"Interactive art is a form of art that involves the spectator in a way that allows the art to achieve its purpose."

Светослав Косев, Атанас Марков
Светослав Косев, Атанас Марков
Светослав Косев, Симеон Желев
Светослав Косев, Атанас Марков
Светослав Косев, Симеон Желев, Атанас Марков

“Co-Interaction” is an Art group dedicated to the implementation of Hi-tech assisted artistic projects.

Members: Svetoslav Kosev, Atanas Markov, Simeon Jelev

Соларен футуризъм - галерия



Svetoslav Kosev – digital drawing and painting, Atanas Markov – augmented reality application


"Solar Futurism" is a project inspired by technology and its impact on the possible future development of human civilization. The project includes 12 works created by Svetoslav Kosev using mixed media on canvas. The initial images that are printed on the canvas are constructed through digital drawing combined with 3D generated objects. Painting with acrylic paints and painting technique was practiced on the printed digital images. Augmented or augmented reality (AR) has been created for each of the images. In order to observe the augmented reality of the works of the "Solar Futurism" series, it is necessary to download and install the SolarisAR application created by Atanas Markov, available on the App Store for the iOS operating system and SolAR on Google Play for the Android operating system. In augmented reality, the three-dimensional objects included as static images in the paintings are used for the majority of the images. These objects are actually a reference to a scientific development known as the "Dyson Sphere", which is also the basis of the creation of the series. Briefly described, this development refers to the construction of a megastructure around a star in order to extract its energy for the benefit of a civilization that has reached the level that provides it with the ability to create such a thing. These three-dimensional objects appear as a unifying compositional element in all 12 works of the series. The number of works from the "Solar Futurism" series also determined the "mystical" tone of the exhibition, which corresponds to the number of zodiacal constellations. For this reason, the names of the works are related to the brightest stars in them, surrounded by Dyson spheres. Short animations created with the help of AI are integrated with the rest of the canvases in augmented reality. The three-dimensional objects in the works are positioned around the compositional center in a way that suggests the arrangement of the elements of Dyson's megastructure capturing energy from the stars. Such is their function in augmented reality, but now manifested dynamically, through animation and three-dimensionality. Thus, through the improvement of technology, humanity will reach a new evolutionary stage of its development. The musical accompaniment to the works is the work of Georgi Mlyachkov and was created especially for him.